Parkwood Leisure is one of the UK’s leading leisure management
companies, with over eighty client facilities across England and Wales. We needed to create a brand for Parkwood Leisure which would unite the different centres, encourage consistency and appeal to a wide-ranging audience whilst also working well commercially, across a variety of promotions. 

After lots of dialogue with Parkwood, we decided to take ownership of ‘Leisure Centre’ as a brand device, with each location included as a sub-variant. The simplicity of the idea was key, as each centre had different facilities, so the overriding brand needed to cover all of these areas. Alongside creating the identity, we also needed to create a more cohesive brand style, which ensured each centre had consistency in its promotions, with the autonomy to run special offers in house.

Alongside the core look and feel, we have also created a variety of special campaigns, where bright, bold imagery has been used to gain attention. These campaigns tend to be seasonal, with the core look and feel being retained as a longer term style.

For a series of additional promotional campaigns, we also created a range of bespoke 3d objects, each of which focused on a particular activity.
These promotions were all carried out over a similar period to ensure consistency and recognition.

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