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We believe that we’ve built our reputation by allowing the people in the business to be themselves and express themselves creatively. This freedom brings enjoyment – and enjoyment is the foundation of a strong team. Whilst creativity underpins our ethos, there are a few simple philosophies that have seen us develop from a single person studio to the team we have today.

On the page below are a series of examples which we hope reflect this creativity and show the variety of work that we’ve been able to produce. Even though these examples are covering a variety of brands, they are still only a snapshot of the work carried out and don’t reflect the relationship and rapport that has been built with our clients.


A quick reminder of our submission for this project. Our concept is intended to bring ‘The University of Opportunity’ the the forefront, with a play on the old adage – “it’s not about where you’ve come from, it’s where you’re going.” Given how well know this saying is, we’ve adapted it sligtly to focus on the ‘it’s where you’re going’ element, as this focuses on the long term ambitions of students, as well as having the double meaning that the University of Wolverhampton is where they’re going.

Our belief is that most students are likely to engage with a campaign that not only gives them the opportunity to atttend the university, but that shows the bigger ambition of a career after graduation.

The following pages show sketches concepts of a variety of students from different backgrounds and with different interests, but merging between the life they might be living now, versus the life / career they could be living after they’ve graduated.


We don’t want to settle when we could do more and, as such, we are constantly striving to improve.

We feel it’s really important to learn and develop, regardless of your age and experience. Each new project gives us an opportunity to ask new questions and push ourselves in different directions. This variety keeps us fresh and allows us to explore new ideas, which benefits everyone involved.


We like to have fun but we always take our work seriously. We’re very fortunate to be able to do this for a living and work very hard to ensure this is the case. It’s really important that everyone in the team buys into this culture, as hard work and dedication to our craft allow us to develop and grow, both personally and collectively.

We treat people with respect and expect to be treated with respect by those with whom we work. Work hard, play hard, don’t be a d*ck. Simple.


Small but perfectly formed, we are immensely proud of our team here at WeAreBeard, all of whom provide a great blend of skills and experience to our clients. If you’re interested in working with us then feel free to drop us an email to [email protected].

Rob March

Creative Director

David Webb

Creative Director

Jackie Williams

Studio Manager

Ashley Handley

Head of Development

Beth Morgan



We rarely advertise when jobs are available, but we’re always on the lookout for talent. So if you like the look of WeAreBeard and what we’re all about then please drop us an email to [email protected] with a brief intro to you and why you’re interested in being a part of the team.

Also, and this is super important, please, please, please remember to include a link to your portfolio. We look at EVERYTHING that is sent to us but we don’t always have the opportunity to respond straight away – so if you don’t show us your work then we’re unlikely to get back in touch. You have been warned!

And no, you don’t need a beard to work here.