Filthy XIII is an independent brewery based in Bristol.

Their location is well known for bring a creative hub, with street art and creativity playing a huge role in the identity of the area. As such, Beard were asked to help create a bold and versatile brand which would embrace the local culture and add it’s own stamp in the process.

To do this, Beard created a style which not only played on the craft and creativity of the area, but of the cocktails and food that were being offered. Their menu was deliberately playful, leaving spaces for customers to doodle and live their own mark. Likewise, the brand was separated into the skull icon and a strong word mark, both of which can used independently in a variety of places. This had led to various merch and promotional assets which raise awareness and further strength the Filthy brand.

The Filthy XIII brand allowed us to create a style from the ground up. Whether an illustration, promo, branded merch or the web design, we carefully craft each element until we’re happy that it shows of the brand in a Filthy way…

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