Gloucester Rugby is one of the Englands leading rugby clubs, with an impressive history and an exciting future. WeAreBeard have been working with Gloucester since 2015, providing creative for their matchday campaigns, alongside hospitality and sponsorship campaigns.

Given that rugby is such a dynamic sport we wanted to display the movement and excitement of the sport using different styles and mediums. As such, their work has been varied, with the different campaigns involving creative design, bespoke photography, illustration, animation and video work, all of which changes season on season and has a cohesive look and feel across the entire campaign.

WeAreBeard have helped Gloucester Rugby with a range of campaigns over a number of years. These campaigns have included Club Memberships, Match-Day Creative and Gloucester Rugby events. 

Invariably, WeAreBeard’s contribution to all campaigns in which they have been involved has been executed with great detail and precision. They are always able to look at each campaign from a new perspective and produce creative that is fresh and exciting.

I have no hesitation in recommending WeAreBeard as a creative agency.

Gloucester Rugby

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