Her Majesty’s Secret Service is a cocktail bar like no other. The whole place oozes originality, from the moment you walk through their phone box entrance to the tasting of one of their beautifully crafted cocktails.

WeAreBeard have been working with HMSS since 2017, initially focussing on their menu but helping to develop their brand, their mascot Winston, the website and other general promo. Given the creativity of the bar, the projects are always fun and keep us on our toes – none more so than their travel-inspired menu, with a variety of drinks based on locations around the UK. We worked with their team to help craft the illustrations alongside the development of the drinks, to ensure that what is shown in the menu is a realistic representation of the end product. We look forward to what HMSS have got in store for us next!


No bar is complete without a mascot but HMSS have taken their mascot a step further. Winston has been illustrated and is the author of the bar menu, takes centre stage on the website, as well appearing in fancy dress for different events.

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