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Kidderminster College is a post 16 educational establishment, offering full-time and part-time courses. WeAreBeard have been working with the college since 2017, creating a range of stylish and cohesive designs for their literature, signage and marketing materials.

One of the most significant tasks undertaken has been the design of the full-time prospectus, outlining each of the courses available at the college in an easy to understand format. The design needed to be engaging and creative, as well as showing the diversity of the courses and students that attend. The brand colours of Kidderminster college were used throughout to retain consistency with previous output and helping to create structure within the prospectus itself. The layout of the design was so well received that it led to an overhaul of all of the college’s interior and exterior signage.

Alongside the full-time prospectus, we also created a part-time prospectus and a higher education prospectus, to cater for the different audiences that Kidderminster college attracts. Each of the designs needed to have their own impact whilst being consistent with the other offerings. This was done through the use of typography and colour, as well as the size of each document. Interesting print techniques were used, such as foiling and die-cutting, along with high-quality uncoated paper stock which helped to give a feeling of quality.

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