Providing direction to geolocation

GBG are a market leading technology company, providing solutions for address capture, verification and data maintenance. WeAreBeard have worked with GBG  to help demonstrate and realise awareness for a number of their products.

Working with GBGs in-house design team, WeAreBeard created a storyboard, illustrated, animated,  and then produced a series of product explainer videos. These videos developed their brand’s design style further, providing easy to digest information to bolster understanding and increase awareness.

Each video works as a standalone piece but has a strong brand consistency, so each animation is clearly recognisable as a GBG product.


As with all of our projects, GBGs videos started with us gaining a better understanding of the product. After working with the client on the script we created a draft storyboard to quickly represent what we felt would be a strong visual metaphor for the content. After client sign off, these storyboards are then illustrated and each scene is brought to life with crisp and stylish animation.

For GBG, a big focus was on interesting transitions and subtle SFX to help elevate the animation, which we feel we achieved. The way each scene develops maintains interest and keeps the user engaged with the content, all of which helps GBG promote their product and grow awareness.

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